This page is about this wiki. For the ECMAScript implementation, see JavaScript.

This wiki aims to host a large centralized JavaScript reference and library in a way which could enhance or draw attention to the existing materials elsewhere on the web--but with open source materials and not limited to a particular implementation (e.g., Mozilla).

Our FocusEdit

Our focus is sufficiently interoperable ECMAScript. More formally, it is the intersection of all ECMAScript dialects relevant to a given context, i.e. the set of all ECMAScript programs which cause no errors (or other problems) in any of the parsers for said dialects.

The most common context is the World Wide Web, specifically the traditional or "non-mobile" portion. In the absence of contributors concerned with other contexts, this wiki will ignore them. However, templates and categories to indicate any given article's context shall be enthusiastically created upon the arrival of such contributors. (Note that Flash and ActionScript have their own wiki.)

Our HistoryEdit

Brettz9 founded the JavaScript wiki on 11 June 2007 and remained one of two contributors for approximately six months before retiring[1]. Jesdisciple adopted it on 25 September 2008[2] and is the current administrator.

On 1 October 2008, Drawde83 contacted Jesdisciple about cooperation between their respective wikis[3]. We are optimistic about the new opportunities made possible by our combined energies. Yes, I know I sound like a public relations officer; I'll shut up now.


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